Dracaena Kiwi 6″



The Kiwi Dracaena is the perfect addition to your outdoor planters this summer as its eye catching foliage and its vivid bright yellow colour will have your outdoor spaces feeling tropical in no time! Dracaenas are an extremely popular houseplant, so do not be afraid to bring it indoors at the end of the summer to enjoy all year long!

Light: Prefers a bright indirect light and can be partial to low light

Water: Needs to dry out completely in between watering but likes a good soak when being watered, so check soil moisture every 5-7 days and water accordingly

**TIP: Tropical plants normally live in an acidic soil, to keep the pH of your soil to your plants liking all you have to do is fill up your watering can and leave it out overnight, that way the hard water can settle at the bottom/evaporate, then water to your plants delight!

**TIP: Its best to bottom water plants that have a woody trunk or grow on a stalk as water collecting around the base of the plant could cause rotting and when the water being absorbed through the holes at the bottom of the pot, it will draw its roots down, making for a happier and healthier plant

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