Hibiscus – Starry Starry Night



An upright, well-branched shrubby perennial with showy, tropical-looking flowers among deeply lobed, serrated leaves. Flowers are edible, often used in tea. ‘Starry Starry Night’ boasts incredibly dark, near-black, maple-like leaves and huge, 7-8” flowers that are pale pink with darker pink speckling and veining. The flowers are held on bright green carpels, which contrast nicely with the dark foliage. Flowers are produced from the top to the bottom of the plant, rather than only at the top like some older cultivars.

USDA Hardiness Zone | 4-9

3-4 ft high x 4-5 ft spread

full sun

Moderate moisture, no standing water

bloom period – summer to early fall

1 gallon pot

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