Portofino – Round Upright | Sandstone


These attractive planters are lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly. A composite of clays and other natural materials.

Frost proof and UV resistant, our pots can be enjoyed all year round. It is recommended to not leave the base of the container in moist areas over winter. Raise them and use lots of drainage so the bottom of the pot is not in prolonged moisture.

2 colours – sandstone (yellow base) | slate

small – 9.75 inch diameter x 15.75 inch height | $49.99

medium – 11.75 inch diameter x 20.5 inch height | $69.99

large – 15.75 inch diameter x 22.25 inch height | $99.99

extra large – 19.75 inch diameter x 27.5 inch height | $129.99


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