Shades of Hue


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We will resume our Take Out Gardens in the spring, but feel free to contact us with any questions.

A spectrum of colours that will dance in the light of a partially shaded garden. This garden and would do best with a minimum of 4 hours of sunshine per day.

Choose from three options

50 sq ft – $289.99

100 sq ft – $399.99

200 sq ft – $599.99

Plant Information and Maintenance Guidelines including Placement Options

You are guaranteed to get a wide variety of top quality plant material that will, over the years, grow into a spectacular garden. Plant sizes will range from 4″ to 2 gallons. We provide placement plans for each size of garden, but feel free to get creative on your own. Mixing and matching is a great way to adapt for special situations. A good hint to achieve a layering effect in your garden is to place the tallest perennials in the back of your bed and gradually grade to the lowest plants in the front. Note that some plants will be sent in multiples to create the proper effect in your garden. Typically allow 3 to 5 years for your garden to reach maturity.

    Earn up to 600 Points.