Take Out Gardens – Textured Tonic



This partial shade garden is a calming combination of colour and texture through the brilliant variations of plant foliage and fresh whimsical grasses.

Your selection of perennials will include some of the varieties listed below. Plant sizes will range from 4.5″ to 1 gallon pots.

Plant varieties – ajuga, autmn fern, bergenia, carex, christmas fern, coal bell, foamflower, hakone grass, hellebore, hosta, japanese painted fern, lady in red fern, lamium, lungwort, moss, solomon seal, switch grass

Allow two weeks for your garden to be created (as of May long weekend) and 3 to 5 years for your garden to reach maturity.

50 Square Feet – 13 plants | $189.99

100 Square Feet – 19 plants | $259.99

200 Square Feet – 27 plants | $389.99

Select the download pdf for suggested placement plans, plant information, & maintenance guidelines. You will receive a colour coded recommended planting plan corresponding to the plants selected when you receive your garden.