ZZ Plant – 6″



Zamioculca zamiifolia, otherwise known as the Zz plant, is a tropical plant native to eastern Africa. Its shrubby, sometimes deemed “alien” growth is complimented by it potato like root system that stores all its water and nutrients, which in turn makes this plant extremely tolerant to drought; perfect for the person who needs their plants to be a bit more self sufficient!

Water – Watering moderately 2-3 times a month, letting plant completely dry in between watering

Light- prefers a bright indirect light but can tolerate very low light conditions

Tip! – If your Zz starts to look unhealthy in its low light spot, move it closer to a natural light source for a couple of days to allow the plant to restock nutrients in its root system, then it can go back into its low light spot; with this trick you can keep a Zz in a room with no natural light source!

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