Annual Specialties

Vibrant, colourful annuals are the easiest way to brighten up any spot.

Online we offer a wide selection of urns, containers and hanging baskets to enhance every season. Cold hardy options for early spring, jam packed colour combinations for an extended summer, and all the autumn accents to revive your home. Holiday at the BEECH is not to be missed. Greens and urns and decorative goods galore.  Our stock turns over quickly so keep coming back to see what new finds have arrived.

Also the garden centre has a full range 4″ annuals to create your own combinations. These items are not available online so please come on in.

We typically will process an order in 24 hours, but it can take longer during high season.

Our stock levels are integrated with our garden centre system, but due to high sale volumes some items can become unavailable quickly. We will contact you with a suggested substitution or a backorder timeline. We appreciate your understanding.

It’s a great day to go to the BEECH!

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