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We are shining the spotlight on a very unique and quirky houseplant

 – The Cryptanthus!  

Cryptanthus are an incredibly beautiful and varied species of Bromeliad, native to the rainforst floors of Brazil.

They are also commonly called Earth Stars, due to their rosette-shaped leaves and their low growth habit.

There are over 1,200 types of bromeliads within the Cryptanthus genus, all with different shapes, sizes and colors. Here are some varieties we have at In House

Unlike most Bromeliads, which grow on trees, Earth Stars are terrestrial, meaning they grow in moist areas on the rainforest floor. This means they will appreciate similar conditions in your

Light: The rainforest floor receives dappled
light as the majority of the sun is blocked by the canopy above. Meaning, Cryptanthus will enjoy the same light conditions in your home!  Give them lots of bright, indirect light but try to keep them away from direct sun rays as the leaves may burn.

Water: Cryptanthus also enjoy moisture and as much humidity as they can get. This makes them a perfect candidate for a
plant terrarium!  Keep the soil evenly moist and provide lots of humidity (misting can help with this) and your Cryptanthus will be happy and thriving!


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