Stonelite Low


Stonelite containers are light weight and durable, with elegant shapes and finishes. Good indoor & outdoor

Made from a fiberglass, resin and stone mixture

small – 10.5″ h x 12″ d | $49.99

medium – 14″ h x 16″ d | $69.99

large – 17″ h x 20″ d | $119.99

Beech Tip (if using outdoors)

All our outdoor planters are weatherproof and suitable for winter use. To ensure longevity. follow the tips below.

If your planter is exposed to the elements, it is prudent to insulate with 1/2″ Styrofoam. This will help buffer a planter that has begun the winter with wet soil. As the soil freezes and expands the Styrofoam will help prevent the pot from cracking. Also make sure the base does not overwinter in a damp or wet position as freezing and unfreezing will ultimately cause damage. We recommend 6″ to 12″ of drainage at the bottom so that the base is not filled with wet soil.

The above tips will also improve longevity for any perennial plant material you may use in your pots. It is never guaranteed that plant material will survive winter, but if you insulate your pots the root systems are more likely to be protected from winter temperature fluctuations that can cause damage.

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