Create a focal point, generate privacy, or build a border. Trees can be used in so many ways to enhance your garden and your life.

We carry a large selection of specimen trees suitable to fit all garden situations – small to large. Our stock turns over quickly so keep coming back to see what new finds have arrived.

If you don’t see what you are looking for we can certainly try to source it for you. Send us an email with your request.

We offer our tree selection online, but many of the larger items are not available for delivery at our online rate. We can deliver, but the cost will be calculated per the following parameters.

  • address
  • size of product
  • quantity of products
  • ease of access

If you want your order delivered let us know in the notes section and we will contact you with a cost for delivery. Our minimum delivery fee starts at $80. 

All online items can be purchased for pick up. We typically will process an order in 24 hours, but it can take longer during high season.

Our stock levels are synced with our garden centre, but due to high sale volumes some items can become unavailable quickly. We will contact you with a suggested substitution or a backorder timeline. We appreciate your understanding.

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